The Importance of Planning Ahead by Catherine Olexa

As I sat in the office with my 93-year-old assisted living resident Margaret, we discussed whether or not she should sign the living will that her son had dropped off and asked me to notarize. She looked at me with fear-filled eyes and asked, “Do you think I should sign it?” After about an hour of discussion about the pros and cons of having a living will, she agreed to sign it stating, “I’m signing this because I trust your judgment.” Although Margaret has had a very healthy and long life, she is afraid to discuss her wishes for the last chapter of life and the very mention of it visibly shakes her up.

Earlier in that year, Margaret’s sister Ann had passed away from complications of a stroke, so the family had experienced what it was like to have an incapacitated family member not be prepared with vital documents such as a living will, health care proxy and power of attorney.  As an administrator of nursing homes and assisted livings, I have had the opportunity to counsel many residents and families on this very delicate topic. The fact I have discovered is this: Americans are afraid to talk about dying.

In Ann’s case, she believed that she would at some point pass away in her sleep, and despite education was resistant to writing down any of her wishes for the decisions that would be made when she neared the end of her life. When she did have a major stroke, she became paralyzed and lost the ability to communicate. The physicians and her family were left with no choice but to do everything possible to sustain her life, regardless of the quality (or lack thereof).  She was unable to swallow, so a gastrostomy tube was inserted into her stomach, through which she was fed.  Ann developed bedsores over time from immobility along with a series of infections.  Her death was eventually brought about by complications from all of these events.  She certainly would not have wanted to spend her last months in this way but since she refused to prepare, the people who were forced to make decisions on her behalf did the best they could.

The experience of watching their aunt go through this type of illness without being able to have a say in what medical choices were made for her inspired Margaret’s children to not allow this to happen to their mother. They sought out and consulted with an elder law attorney and had the appropriate documents drawn up. These documents included her specific wishes and one of the children was appointed to make decisions on her behalf if needed.  In the end, the outcome for Margaret could not have been a better one.  When her heart condition caused her to be so debilitated that she could not easily get around and had to spend much of her time in bed, the family utilized this prior planning to guide them through their decisions. They chose to bring on a hospice service to assist with her care needs in the assisted living and she was made as comfortable as possible.  Since Margaret had chosen not to have any life sustaining treatment, her family members were all able to come and spend time at her bedside in her final days with a clear conscience and she was able to see her grandchildren one more time. When she passed away, she was pain free, in her own room, with her faithful cat by her side.

Working with the elderly population of the community and their families for several years has taught me the importance of planning ahead and having real discussions with family members about their wishes. As difficult as it seems, the more that we all communicate about these sensitive issues, the better off we will be in the end. Whether your loved one is nearing the last stages of their lives or not, this planning ahead is vital to ensure that we avoid the pitfalls that befell Ann’s family and countless others like them.

About Clelia Pergola

Nothing happens at Goldberg Law Group until Clelia Pergola says so. It is easier to explain what she doesn’t contribute to the firm than what she does. Mrs. Pergola has been with the Goldberg Law Group since before our doors opened and she has been instrumental in the growth of our services and reputation. Clelia designed the firm from the ground up by replacing the antiquated law firm model with a streamlined, procedures-based organization. This revolutionary process allows the attorneys and staff members to accomplish their tasks efficiently without unnecessary distractions and stress. What does this mean for our clients? Fewer errors, better results, and friendlier service. Clelia is a caregiver to her Nonna and has personally experienced the frustrations and challenges of the long term care system. When not running the firm, Clelia enjoys cooking, rooting for the Jets, and spending time with her husband and son, Dante Domenico named after her late grandfather, Domenico Barone.
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    特定ファンによって5000サインアップ ポールスミス アウトレット はれがある上記より大きい以上を見て、そそれは上の成果である paul smith 財布 独自のプライベート。の目標頼まれて上のQRコードを、して、Rohitは、 ポールスミス 時計 彼らは必要と言われてに有用維持個人データ ポールスミス 時計 のと接続ファン。追跡するのは簡単QRコード シチズン 時計 もなんとか 持っている誰が誰だ順番にににできるようにするクーポンを転送あなたに シチズン 腕時計 人。確かにしないではない bTwitterで新しいそれにもかかわらずフラッシュモブ シチズン 電波時計 は、これが初めてで会社として、Facebook上で表示 シチズン 電波時計 私は承知してADOBE FLASH フラッシュを作成しました最初のインドブラン ロレックス デイトナ ドという試す私は認識して。バック我々は見ていたいくつかの時間 ロレックス サブマリーナ 方法ボンベイストアとミリンダインドTweetmobを ロレックス エクスプローラー 使用??していた奨励するに彼らの製品の発売を ロレックス デイトナ ON ツイッター。しかし、私は感銘 グランドセイコー を受けましたその社員とその家族や友ディーゼルインドキャンペーン セイコー 腕時計 はに向けて標的にされた友人。キャンペーンは seiko 腕時計 もっぱらではない我々ははっきりと言うことができるそ グランドセイコー れの目的に会ったかもしれない ROIも Facebook上で気晴らしノイズの十分な量を生成するためにを行う ディーゼル 時計 こと。突然の大規模な活動も、に会社から電話があった。Rohitさ ディーゼル デニム んは私彼ら作るそれらを教えてくれなかったそう意志間違いなくなります 思考このような革新的 ディーゼル アウトレット で時間いくつかの眠れないを持っている私が行き、さらにFacebookのインドは思う頻 ディーゼル 時計 に発芽。年末キャンペーン全体へ場所からための副私は感銘を受けました。あなたは思いますか、同じまたはあなたが持っている これはそれによっていくつかのアイデアを最大化。実行と方法によってコンテストはに続け。 ポールスミス 時計 シチズン 電波時計 ロレックス エクスプローラー seiko 腕時計 ディーゼル デニム

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