The service we received was exceptional. The staff was caring and understanding of my needs. The entire team made the experience seamless, and I highly recommend their services.

Maria B.

Working with Eric has been (and is) a very positive experience. This is the most difficult time, and Eric offers legal advice while he shows genuine concern for his client's mental and physical state. I appreciate that greatly.

Edward M.

I will continue to refer prospective residents, residents, and their families to your fine practice.


Mr. Goldberg had prepared my personal senior citizen's legal papers very efficiently and in a language easy to understand by a person without a legal background.

John Z.

We greatly enjoyed working with the office, and everyone was always extremely helpful, professional, and responsive.

Maria V.

We were extremely happy with the clear and thorough job done by Mr. Goldberg and his staff. He clarified many complex estate planning issues for us.

Karen and Robert I.

I was impressed that Mr. Goldberg took considerable time doing a free consultation to clearly explain his service, and offered advice on how we should proceed with my elderly mother's care. I never realized how complicated and costly elder care can be. My siblings and I are grateful and at ease that we have the Goldberg Law Group guiding us through the maze of elder care law now and into the future.

Howard B.

Your firm was very welcoming and understanding of our needs. We felt we were kept well advised and spoken to in an understanding manner, not just "legaleze". Thanks!

Janet S.

Your compassion and understanding in such a difficult time is very comforting, especially when the business side of a loved one's passing needs to be addressed. Knowing you are a phone call away to handle an unforeseen problem has brought instant relief. That someone has my back, guiding and protecting the estate, means more than words can express. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

Wendy B.

I thought I knew the in's and outs of being old in this modern world we live in. I was wrong. There were a lot of things out there that I knew nothing about, until I heard of Elder Care by way of my insurance agent. That's how I met Eric Goldberg. Mr. Goldberg came to my house and in layman's language he explained Elder Care. I'm still learning, but he and his group put my mind at ease. Give them a call, and see what a great group he has.

Anthony S.

Your interest and service were superb. I remember sitting in your office, and I remarked that I liked your tea to your Executive Assistant. Next thing I knew, I received a box of the tea at my house. I can't say enough about your attention to detail and kind staff. Thanks again, great service.

Frank F.

Eric, I know I have mentioned it before but I appreciated your professional and diligent work on behalf of my clients. Your work is essential to their families' future.

Richard W.

I felt overwhelmed before speaking with Eric about my husband. Your professional, yet friendly demeanor helped me to see there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

Fran S.

My son and I went to the monthly Alzheimer’s support group at Emeritus last night. Another member of the support group started the discussion by saying that it is crucial to have an eldercare attorney and he said he had a superb one – Eric Goldberg. I concurred, at which point the girl in charge took your business card from me, photocopied it and distributed it to everyone. Your time and help have been invaluable, and I will continue to recommend your services.

Jerry M.

I am writing to you in regard to the wonderful job performed by Eric Goldberg. Eric was particularly good at explaining the step-by-step tasks that I had to do in order to find a good nursing home for my wife. I know that I would not have been able to navigate successfully through the Medicaid system without their guidance and help.

Bruce M.

“My family needed a knowledgeable elder care lawyer to determine the best options for my aging and ailing parents. Eric Goldberg was recommended to us and he did an outstanding job in reviewing our options, quickly reallocating my parents’ assets, and qualifying them for additional benefits. My father is a WWII veteran and Eric also identified additional Veteran’s benefits that could further help my family. Most importantly, Eric was very sensitive, patient, and responsive to my entire family. He made sure my mom understood every step of the process. It was a pleasure to work with Eric Goldberg."

Robert K.