Professional Organizing with Emily Lutz

My name is Emily Lutz of Liberty Paperwork Solutions LLC, a company that provides a wide range of personal assistance to clients who want help managing their day-to-day financial activities.  This can include paying bills, organizing paperwork, tracking and following through with medical insurance claims, and checking bank and credit card statements.

Here is an example of a scenario I see often:

Joseph and Leah were married for 48 years when Joseph suffered a debilitating stroke.  He still maintained his wonderful sense of humor, but physically was unable to continue with daily personal care.  Therefore, Joseph would have to be moved to a nursing home, and Leah would be moved into an apartment within the same community so that she could easily visit him.  Not only did they have to deal with the loss of independence for Joseph, they had to cope with a major move and other life changing events.

The thought of making all the calls to their banks, credit card companies and utilities to inform them of their upcoming move was overwhelming.  And Joseph had been the one sending out the checks and keeping the records, so Leah did not even know where to begin.  They called me, and I came to their home the very next day.  I immediately contacted all of the utilities, made sure all payments were up-to-date, and helped them fill out the extensive paperwork for the facility to which they were moving.

It has been two years since the move, and I still visit Joseph and Leah on a bi-weekly basis.  They write and mail out their checks together, so Leah still feels involved and knows what is going on.  I also help them compile their documents together for tax purposes.  They have put me in touch with their accountant and attorney so I could pass along information they have requested.

We all look forward to each visit, because not only do we complete all outstanding paperwork, we can also chat and share some happy memories. –Emily Lutz

About Clelia Pergola

Nothing happens at Goldberg Law Group until Clelia Pergola says so. It is easier to explain what she doesn’t contribute to the firm than what she does. Mrs. Pergola has been with the Goldberg Law Group since before our doors opened and she has been instrumental in the growth of our services and reputation. Clelia designed the firm from the ground up by replacing the antiquated law firm model with a streamlined, procedures-based organization. This revolutionary process allows the attorneys and staff members to accomplish their tasks efficiently without unnecessary distractions and stress. What does this mean for our clients? Fewer errors, better results, and friendlier service. Clelia is a caregiver to her Nonna and has personally experienced the frustrations and challenges of the long term care system. When not running the firm, Clelia enjoys cooking, rooting for the Jets, and spending time with her husband and son, Dante Domenico named after her late grandfather, Domenico Barone.
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