Plus Program

One of the reasons that Goldberg Law Group has received the highest praise amongst our clients and professional acquaintances is our commitment to ongoing guidance.  Our elder law clients recognize that our proven planning techniques are only the beginning.  Throughout the first year of our engagement we coordinate with the client and the client’s family and all allied professionals, including accountants; financial advisors; geriatric care managers; and the client’s facility or home care agency.  Our state of the art techniques allow us to service clients in a more efficient and timely manner than the traditional law firm.  After the first year our guidance continues through the Plus Program.

Since we designed Goldberg Law Group to be a service organization rather than a typical law firm you would expect us to act differently than your typical attorney.  Of course, we practice law here at Goldberg Law Group, but our goal is much broader than that – we strive to ensure that our clients are protected for life, no matter what occurs.  Our popular Plus Program allows us to continue servicing our clients without the fear or hesitation that often comes with calling an attorney.  As members of the Plus Program, you and your family will never receive a bill for a question – whether by phone, email, or in person.  And when your accountant or financial advisor contacts Goldberg Law Group there is also no additional charge.

In order to effectively counsel our clients for the long term we need to hear from you.  Our Plus Program allows you the freedom to contact us whenever you have a question, concern, update, or comment.  Please reach out to us to inquire further about our commitment to ongoing guidance.